Transfer from Barcelona airport to Andorra

There’s a small country Andorra, well known among tourists, especially – if you’re a winter holidays amateur. Its resorts and its mountain slopes have conquered the hearts of millions skiers, snowboarders, tracking admirers, and all the fans of active vacation. More than 9 million guests visit the Principality of Andorra. They come back there every year to spend time there in a good mood and to get the memorable impressions. What is it so catchy about Andorra?

Transfer from Barcelona airport to Andorra – shiny, snowy, and romantic

At the first blush, bad luck is that Andorra surrounded with the Pyrenees – the chain of these mountains, which can be described as rocky, steep and dangerous. There’s neither no sea, nor any deep-water navigable rivers in Andorra and its surrounding. Transport connection is quiet limited, due to the absence of airports or railway stations, and yet, Andorra is a wealthy country with no lack of tourists. Why?

The first secret of its attractiveness is the unique climate, which takes place among the Pyrenees. There’s chill, but shiny summer, and there’s also snowy and frosty winter, perfect for alpine skiing and tourism as well. The bulk of precipitation falls out from October to May providing the natural coverage to the most of rocks and mountains. Despite the intensive snowfalls, the sun is very often to be met there, so the resorts of Principality of Andorra are considered to be the shiniest in the world.

And the second secret of why Andorra is so popular is the mountains themselves. It could sound incredible that there are more than 152 alpine skiing tracks with the total length 250 kilometer on the territory of the country, which is only 468 square kilometers! There are roomy resorts always ready to accept 100 thousand of tourists simultaneously, providing the best level of service.

How to get to the mountain paradise

Despite there are no airports or railway stations in Andorra, it won’t be problem to get to the mountain resorts. It’s a 200-250 km distance from Barcelona airport to the Principality.

You can reach this distance on the shuttle bus, or you can also order group or individual transfer from Barcelona airport to Andorra in our company and arrive there with comfort.

The airport in the French town of Toulouse is a bit less far to Andorra. But there are no direct flights from Russia to Toulouse, and in this way, it would cost more money, so getting to the Principality doesn’t sound as shiny as its climate anymore.

Andorra – why people go there and what they seek

The principal recreational activities in Andorra are mostly connected with snow. Different kind of winter activities, such as skiing and snowboarding, become relevant at the end of November and they keep being that until the second term of April.

There are a lot of resorts that offer the tourists various tracks of different difficulty levels. They also provide areas allotted for specific activities, such as freestyle, free ride, speed-ski, etc.

The great deal is kids and the beginners. There are hills and tracks for both of them; well-skilled instructors are always ready to train anyone, even those, who never tried skiing before.

The most popular resorts are: Pal, Arinsal, Ordino, Soldeu-El Tarter, and Pas de la Casa/Grau Roig – they all are connected to each other with transport lines, and they have plenty tracks for skiers and snowboarders of different levels

Pal has gentle slopes and windbreaks, which make it perfect for families with children and the beginners, while El Tarter suits the ones who would like to train at the alpine skiing or snowboarding. The off trackers, the professionals and the extremals should check out Ordino/Arcalis famous for its steep bends and complex descents. The universal option is Pas de la Casa where every member of the family will find something suitable.