Cheap taxi in Barcelona from airport to Andorra/to France/around Catalonia

When you are going on a trip, you should think through every detail of it, so that you’d have minimum risk of getting into an awkward situation. Imagine that you have reached Barcelona already, such a wonderful city it is, and you wish you could get to your hotel as soon as it’s possible, to have a rest after the flight and enjoy the sumptuous architecture and all the sights of Spain…
But you can face the very next problem: coming up at night or early morning, you may find out public transport runs quiet rarely, and you probably have a huge luggage, you have to carry to the hotel by yourself. Of course, you may try and catch a ride or catch any taxi that you have luck to get on, but the driver may not know English or Russian. So, what is supposed to be done in a situation like this? What’s the solution for a tourist stuck in a foreign country, waiting for help?

Can you avoid extra spending?

We offer the simple and the most dependable way which includes ordering taxi in advance, before you even take off to Spain. Thus, you won’t only save your money, but also decrease the probability of language barrier, because most of our drivers know English, and very often they know Russian as well. If you order a taxi from Barcelona airport, you will soon get to your hotel without risking the luggage, without roaming in the streets in attempts to find the hotel you need, just because our drivers know the city like they know themselves, and they will help you get to the place you need in the most profitable way.


How to reach the hotel without trouble?

There are qualified traffic controllers in our company, who can speak Russian, which means it will be easy to order a cab from airport El Prat in Barcelona in advance – you won’t have to worry, you won’t waste your time. There is no taximeter, and the price of the ride is fixed and is discussed far beforehand, which is another advantage of our service. You can also be 100% be sure the price won’t change while you’re in the cab or after you reach your destination. So, even whether you don’t know the city, you have no reason to bother about the price.

The people we work with are not just drivers. They are social and well-wishing. They can organize a little City Tour, if you want, showing you the greatest sights of Barcelona. Besides, you won’t have to think where you would change your money to euro, because we accept any currency, both cash and card including the E- credit cards. If you pick our company, you will be travelling fast, with convenience and comfort.

Our drivers know Russian, but that’s not the only advantage we offer. The drivers can help you with your destination, they can show you the most magnificent places in the city, and even recommend the best of the hotels or the cafés to choose.